Learning To Swim Against The Tide In Your Valuation Business

6417577The main reason why business is becoming tough in the real estate valuation market is because margins are getting squeezed very badly. The 2008 financial disaster and its aftermath have left many real estate promoters and owners tottering. Further many customers also started suffering and the entire market went into a downswing. In such a situation the demand for valuation work also plummeted. This resulted in many established companies cutting costs and also cutting down on the rates to remain afloat in the market place. This resulted in a big dip in the rates at which these valuations were done. The rates at times were so low that it became unviable and unsustainable for many valuers. Eventually they had to shut shop and look for other avenues.

All this has resulted in a total negative sentiment as far as the valuation market is concerned. However, things started improving over the past two to three years. Many new entrants came into the market. Being new players the only way they could compete in the market was by offering lower rates. Hence, the cycle of depressed rates continues even today.

Given the above situations, if you are a real estate valuation company, you should find out ways and means by which you could improve your business and take it to the next higher level. Building relationships and networking with people, banks, financial institutions, real estate lawyers and attorneys, and government revenue departments are a few options that you could exercise in your bid to reach out to more numbers of customers. You should also leverage effectively the strength and power of the internet. You should be actively present in networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin just to name a few.

It is also expected that you should be able to take up any type of valuation and should not restrict your business just to real estate property valuation alone. Even in real estate valuation, you should be ready to handle complex and complicated valuations ranging from backdated valuations to compensation valuations.

How To Take Your Valuation Business To Higher Levels

High-Level-Planning-Process2The biggest game changers as far as business is concerned are without doubt the internet and computers. They have literally changed the way not only real estate business is done but also other businesses. Under such circumstances it is very important for ambitious and forward looking valuers to find out ways and means by which they can leverage on the internet and the awesome power that it offers.

As a starting point, it is important for even small and budding real estate valuers to have their own website. It might not fetch business immediately but it will certainly be very useful over a period of time. It will help them to reach out to thousands of customers who are internet savvy and look for even the smallest information on the net.

Apart from having a website of their own, it is also important to find out ways and means by which traffic can increase to the website. While SEO still continues to be a time-tested, highly effective and low cost means to drive more traffic to websites, it is also important to find out other ways and means to make the website popular. Being actively present in the various web competitions is a relatively new method which can increase footfalls on the website. However, here again the quality of awards that the real estate valuers participate is of extreme importance.

While all these pertain to making use of the modern technologies like computer and the internet, real estate valuers should also look at the conventional modes of increasing their networking and relationship building capabilities. Towards this objective being members of chambers of commerce can indeed be very useful. There have been many instances where just by taking membership of a local chamber of commerce, real estate valuers have been able to increase business by quite a few times. However, there is no magic wand as far as immediate results are concerned. Each and every process takes its own time and it has to be continued with patience and perseverance for getting the desired results.

Important Points To Keep In Mind For Your Valuation Business

bc-2Valuation is a service and not a product and this factor has to be understood by any property valuer however big or small his business might be. When it comes to marketing a product or service amongst the various important points, maintaining good relationship with customers and other stake holders is very important. When we talk about customers, apart from individuals we should also pay a lot of attention to banks and financial institutions who often contribute huge chunks of property valuation business.

The next important point that helps real estate valuers reach higher levels of success is to find out innovative and new methods to reach more prospects and customers. While word of mouth and personal relationships are the backbone for building a flourishing and successful real estate business, it is important to also find out the need to have an eye towards changing customer preferences and needs. Today the internet is playing a big role and therefore good valuation companies should make a beginning by having a website of their own.

The website should be well structured and designed and provide interesting and useful information to the viewers. Further it should also have an interactive module based on which customer queries can be answered online within a reasonable period of time. Last but not the least there is also the need to online application facility for customers who are too busy to visit real estate valuation companies on a regular basis.

Driving traffic to the website is another point that needs to be kept in mind while planning to move from one level of success to another. This is possible only through effective and continuous usage of SEO campaigns and through other means. Use of Google Adsense is a step which could yield good results.

Last but not the least becoming member of a good professional organization also could play a big role in helping your real estate business go to the next higher level of success. For example if you take the trouble of becoming a member of a renowned local or national Chamber of Commerce it certainly will help your business quite well.

How Getting The Right Information Is Crucial To Property Valuation

article-2480435-198FEF7A00000578-921_634x354First and foremost property valuation is without any doubt an integral part of buying and selling of land, home, apartment, office or commercial properties. Additionally when it comes to other movable and immovable properties such as shares, stocks, commodities and machineries here too valuation is of paramount importance. Hence, when it forms the crux for any buying and selling transaction, as customers you should be in the know as to what exactly is all about and how do we choose the right valuer.

Apart from helping the buyer to have a reasonably good idea about the fair market value of a property it is also a fact that a good valuation report also has a number of other subjective information too. It talks about the development of infrastructure around the area where the property is located and also the kind of amenities and facilities that it has. Hence, it goes without saying that the information provided by the valuer forms the basis for taking a buying or selling decision.

Now coming to ways and means to identify the right valuer, here too lack of information and knowledge could lead to making of wrong choices. For example, it is always advisable to look for valuers who are certified and registered under the law. This apart it is also ideal that a good valuer should have a formal qualification to help him understand the latest happenings in this field.

Further when you as a customer have some reasonably good knowledge about the various types and methods of property valuation you will be in a better position to choose the best service provider and will be able to separate the grain from the chaff quite easily. Hence, taking all these factors into account in only makes sense for valuers to be a part of a good and reputed information group which will help them to strike the best deal as far as entering into a business understanding with a valuer is concerned.

The Growing Importance Of The Right Information In Valuation Business

gnlu-9112-inn5Having the right information and knowledge at all points in time is extremely important for any business. The same applied to property valuation also. As the market becomes more competitive and as customers become more internet and information savvy, it is important for property valuers to also keep pace with changing times and changing customer preferences and needs. Towards this objective it would not be a bad idea to try the idea of being a member of a group that has like-minded persons belonging to the real estate and particularly from the valuation business.

When you are a member of such organization either online or offline, you stand to benefit from more ways than one. You get the latest trends in property price movement, demand and supply situation and government rules and regulations. All these go a long way in impacting the real estate valuation business. When a real estate valuer is equipped with the latest information he would also be able to handle his customers better.

Quite a few changes are also happening to the real estate valuation rules and regulations on a periodical basis. By being a member of such interest groups, it is possible for the real estate valuers to have the latest information on such changes before even the customers come to know of it. This again will be a value addition when it comes to handling customers and looking out for new business.

Last but not the least, by being a member of such groups, especially on the internet, it is possible to network better and build new relationships which are so very crucial for moving the business to the next higher level. Hence, taking the above facts into consideration it makes sense to be associated with such groups on a regular basis. There are today a number of such groups and becoming a member of a few of them is not a difficult task at all.

How Groups And Forums Can Help Your Property Valuation Business

homesToday the internet plays a very big role in helping many businesses and the same is the case with real estate valuation. Hence if you are real estate valuer you should find out ways and means by which you can network and build relationships with prospective customers belonging to the various segments. Customers need not only be individuals. They could be corporate and even banks and financial institutions. Some of the successful real estate valuers have been able to come this far because of the quantum of business that they have received from banks and financial institutions.

Staying on the subject of networking and relationship building the internet can help in more ways than one. While you could start off by having a website pertaining to your valuation business, this is just one part of the story. If you wish to generate some commercial interest out of your website it is very important for you to ensure that it is able to generate traffic at a good pace. Toward this objective you need to think out of the box for some novel and inexpensive ideas.

While there is no doubt that time tested methods like search engine optimization and affiliate marketing can help a lot, you should understand the importance of being present in various forums and blogs. Many of these blogs are operated and run by persons who may not be directly involved in the real estate valuation business. They could be interest groups who are keen on knowing more about the real estate industry with particular reference to property valuation. By making yourselves present in these interest groups blogging sites there is every possibility that you will reap rich dividends over a period of time.

You could contribute articles and other such information that may be of interest to these groups. You could even become a subject matter expert and share useful bits of information that could help enhance knowledge and enhance the popularity of such interest group websites. When done over a period of time it certainly will increase traffic to your website.